Morto – Morto Vivo

Morto – Morto Vivo

2 Guys, 2 Speeds: Fast or Faster!
Twelve songs delivered in less than 1200 seconds that will surely satisfy the sonic devastation needs of the most avid devotees of:
Mortician, Discharge, Deicide, E.N.T., Last Days of Humanity, P.L.F, among others.
A must have for squalid Grind injected Death Metal connoisseurs!
Featuring active members from bands such as:
Vai-te Foder, Capela Mortuária, Crab Monsters, Grunt.

Don’t judge their sonic impact by the number of members, as Morto surely drown out the most numerous and noisiest of orchestras.

Released: 01.03.2023

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