Black Cross / Sonneillon – Heretico

Black Cross / Sonneillon – Heretico

“Herético” is the unexpected convergence between BLACK CROSS and SONNEILLON, two bands that, although considerably different in their sound, tread in the darkest meanders guided by the deepest darkness.
BLACK CROSS a cult band from the Portuguese underground scene, was formed in 1983 in Barreiro and is unanimously considered the first Portuguese Black Metal band.
This release includes the songs “Heavy Metal” [originally from 1986 and now re-recorded] and the previously unreleased “Necrofilia” and “Sob o Signo de Black Cross” recorded exclusively for “Herético”.
SONNEILLON is a Black Metal band from Oporto. Last
 year, they have celebrated 15 years of existence punctuated by more than a dozen releases, including albums, EP’s and splits, always in extreme Black Metal of a Satanist nature.
For “Herético”, they contribute with the songs “Do Antigo Céu Nocturno”, “Catacumba e Pestilência”, “Mil Serpentes a Meus Pés”, also exclusively for this release.
This release is limited to a very small run including an extended 16 pages booklet including lyrics, photos and much more! 

Released 06.01.2024

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