Vai-te Foder

Vai-te Foder

Vai-te Foder

Celebrating 2 decades non stop grindage, Vai-te Fodercontinues to deliver their ferocious signature mix of Grind / Death / Crust / Crossover and Punk making what they call  Motorcrust thrown at your face without mercy or compromises!

“Cansado” smashes 19 lightning bursts of aggression discharged into 35 minutes of feral, vitriolic eruptions, crafting an album designed for maximum impact and efficient killing power featuring a top notch production!

Concerning lyrics, it is clear that most of the titles will give rise, at the nearest packed club show, into catchy choruses sung in one voice and with a raised clenched fist!

All genre trademarks are here: dirt-encrusted guitar riffs and maniac solos, check; rattling pulsating bass, check; d-beat machine-gun drumming, check; dual lacerated vocal throats, check; and mostly sub-two-minute songs, check!

This is V.T.F. arguably best offering so far, that’ll leave you beaten inwards and feeling like you’ve swallowed your earphones.



Cirro – Guitars
Jordi – Drums
Morcego – Bass
Paulo – Vocals
Patife – Vocals


Vai-te Foder – EP (2019)
Viciados no Degredo –  Album (2010)
Poço –  Album (2017)
Trapos – Split (2023)
Cansado –  Album (2023)