Capela Mortuária

Capela Mortuária

Capela Mortuária

After the acclaimed EP “Ossadas”, Capela Mortuária returns with “Monstro”, their debut album [via Larvae Records]

Coming from the teeming and prolific “poço bracarense” (Braga scene) and sharing members with bands such as: Vai-te Foder, Grunt, Morto, Crab Monsters, what Capela Mortuária serve us is fast and furious Thrash with lyrics entirely in Portuguese, vociferated with a pointed finger, clenched fist and without speaking out!

Since they appeared, they have been on dozens of national stages (with some incursions into Spain) and now with Monstro the list of profaned events has increased exponentially… almost every weekend!!!



Maria Pereira – Bass
Júlio César – Guitars
João Carlos – Vocals
Jordi Lopes – Drums
Leonardo Gonçalves – Guitars


Ossadas – EP (2019)
Monstro – Album (2023)